Lightweight tents are very suitable for camping, backpacking and cycling holidays as well for bringing them to a festival. Our beach tents are also handy for a nice day on the beach.

Sleeping bags

Our sleeping bags are characterized by the filling, 100% cotton lining and the designs. The big advantage of the cotton lining is that the sleeping bag feels well and breathes well. The sleeping bag will therefore not feel damp.


A picnic is not complete without a picnic blanket. Picnic blankets protect against dirt and it is also cozy! In addition, the picnic blanketsĀ are also very suitable for children to play on or just take them to the beach.

The backpack

Without a backpack we rarely leave home. A bottle of water, chewing gum, music player, sunglasses and more they belong to the standard equipment. The backpack always comes with you!

Laptop bags

When composing a laptop bags collection, we always look at some important points. The appearance, the protection and sturdiness, wear ability, the size and, finally, the water-tightness.

Toiletry Bags

Accessories made in various models, styles and materials. You will customize your own range of exclusive designs.