Bed Textiles

Duvet covers

Our range of duvet covers contains various covers in countless colors and beautiful designs. Each season we adapt the designs to your wishes. The duvet covers are made of the best materials and fabrics, such as cotton and satin. The size is not an issue; everything is possible from baby sizes to twin sizes.

Cover sheets

A cover sheet gives a beautiful look and keeps the mattress clean and fresh. Our range of covers are available in various materials, including percale cotton, satin, jersey and flannel.


Nowadays there are more pillows on the bed, but there are often only two pillowcases in a duvet cover set. The solution is simple. Available in the same qualities as the duvet covers and available in any size


We have different types of quilts in our assortment. From a quilt for children to a 4-season duvet. Of course in different gradations; Class 4 (least warm), Class 3 (less warm), Class 2 (Warm) to Class 1 (Extra warm).


Soft, medium, hard, for side, belly or back sleepers. Styled as a envelope or as a box cushion. Change the surface, piping label, filling, weight, etc. The choice is yours


Molton cover sheets or water repellent mattress protectors they have the function of protecting the mattress from dirt, perspiration and wear. They usually feel a bit stiffer and are made of an extra thick and woolly fabric. They can also be fitted with a water repellent layer for even more protection